Shopping Guide

Payment method

You can choose from the following three payment methods.

credit card

You can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shopify Pay. Payment is lump sum payment only. The payment time will be the withdrawal date of each card company.


Simply register your credit card or debit card, or set up a bank account transfer, and you can make transactions with just your ID and password. You can use it safely without telling the store your payment information.

Bank transfer

Please transfer to our designated account.
The payment deadline is within 7 days of ordering.

Cash on delivery

This is a system where you pay the price at the entrance when you deliver your order. Payment will be made in cash only, so please prepare the total amount in advance. In addition, please pay the price to the delivery driver of Yamato Transport.
In addition, depending on the purchase price, you will be charged the following cash on delivery fee.
~ 10,000 yen or less / 330 yen ~ 30,000 yen or less / 440 yen ~ 100,000 yen or less / 660 yen ~ 300,000 yen or less / 1,100 yen

Shipping & Returns
Shipping / Shipping / Returns

Shipping method

Domestic: Yamato Transport Overseas: Japan Post EMS

Days to delivery

If you do not specify the arrival date, the product will be shipped within about 2 business days from the date of receiving your order. After shipping, it will be delivered in about 1 to 4 days depending on the delivery area.
However, in the following cases, it may take more than a week after you place your order. Please note that.
・ Temporary closure due to overseas business trips (holidays are posted on Instagram)
・ If the shipment is congested or the ordered product is out of stock (in that case, we will contact you by email again).
・ When delivery is not possible on the desired date and time due to various reasons such as natural disasters, traffic conditions, absence of delivery destination, etc.


postage differs the place where you want to send. * Tax-excluded display [Hokkaido] 1,760 yen [Tohoku] Aomori prefecture / Iwate prefecture / Akita prefecture / Miyagi prefecture / 900 yen, Yamagata prefecture / Fukushima prefecture / 760 yen [Kanto] 700 yen (Ibaraki prefecture / Tochigi prefecture / Gunma prefecture / Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Tokyo metropolitan area, Kanagawa prefecture)
[Chubu] 700 yen (Niigata prefecture, Fukui prefecture, Ishikawa prefecture, Toyama prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture, Nagano prefecture, Aichi prefecture, Gifu prefecture)
[Kinki] 700 yen (Mie prefecture, Wakayama prefecture, Shiga prefecture, Nara prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture)
[China] Okayama prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture, Tottori prefecture, Shimane prefecture / 760 yen, Yamaguchi prefecture / 660 yen [Shikoku] 900 yen (Kagawa prefecture, Tokushima prefecture, Ehime prefecture, Kochi prefecture)
[Kyushu] 900 yen (Fukuoka prefecture, Saga prefecture, Nagasaki prefecture, Oita prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture, Miyazaki prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture)
[Okinawa Prefecture] 2,460 yen [Overseas] 4,500 yen

About returns

In principle, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience.
(The size does not fit, the image is different, the order is wrong, etc.)
When a customer puts an item in a cart and purchases it, he / she will purchase it for whatever reason.
Please purchase with great care and responsibility.

Most of the products we handle are vintage clothing.
If there is an obvious quality defect at the time of delivery, we will accept returns, but basically it is described in the item description and image.
Please note that it will be old and may have minor damage or dirt.
Since there are individual differences in the views on the condition, please consider purchasing only those who have an understanding of the old ones.

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions
Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law




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contact address

TEL. 0765-52-3777 MAIL.

Operation manager

Shinya Tokuno

Necessary charges other than the product price

Consumption tax, shipping fee, transfer fee, cash on delivery fee, etc.